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HD MX 12kV-630A/1250A European Separable Bus Bar

The European separable bus bar assembled with 630Acrossing connector and bus-bar connector mounting to the switch socket can provide series connection among multiple loaded switch gears. A superior selection t0o combined ring main unit. The length of bus-bar for Europe style/American-style crossing connector and bus-bar connector can be decided by customers

The European separable bus bar assembled with 630Acrossing connector and bus-bar connector mounting to the switch socket can provide series connection among multiple loaded switch gears. A superior selection t0o combined ring main unit. The length of bus-bar for Europe style/American-style crossing connector and bus-bar connector can be decided by customers

--Order information

Shielding bus: processing length L and two
switchgear equipment based on the sleeve
center distance,be sure to provide parameters
when ordering; In terms of the length of the bus
is based, explicitly.


--Product Structure

* 630A/1250a device casing

* M16/12 stud adjustable screw

* T-connector (terminal fitting)

* The metal balance pad

* Flat pad

* The spring washer

* M12nut

* Insulation plug

* Back cover (black)

* Copper bus clip

* The shield bus

* The cross connector

* Earthing

* Sealant

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