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HD JB 12kV-630A European Separable Front Connector

For connection of polymeric cable to transformers.switchgear ,motors and other equipment with a premoulded separable connector.

*For connection of polymeric cable to transformers.switchgear ,motors and other equipment with a premoulded separable connector.
*For indoor and outdoor installations.
*Continuous operating voltage: 8 .7/15kV
* Continuous current 630A; (900A overload for 8 hours )
*Connect to (JBK) coupling connector or (HBLQ) surge arrester to enable multi-loop installation or provide over voltage protection.
*Cable particulars:
- Copper or aluminum conductors
- Semiconducting or metallic screens
- Conductor cross section: 12kV 25-500mm2)



Provides a fully screened and fully submersible sparable connection when mated with the
proper bushing or plug.
Can be used under the Circumstances,
" Built-in capacitive est point to determine the circuit status or install a fault indicator.
。No minimum phase clearance requirements.
" Mounting can be vertical, horizontal or any angle in between.


——scope of delivery

* T Fore connector
* Stress cone
* insulator
* Covering cap
* Conductor cable lug (Copper or copper )
* Socket wrench
* M16/ 12screwstud
* M12 nuts,flat washers,spring washers
* tape
* sandpaper
* Utility Knife
* Bandage
* Clean paper
* Silicone grease
* Gloves (white,yellow)
* Gloves(disposable)
* Sealant (red)
* cable ties(snap)
* PVC electrical tape (red,yellow,green)
* Quality Certificate
* Installation instruction sheet

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