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Happy Children’s Day

Date:2023-05-25        Clicks:1154

Children's Day, also known as International Day for Protection of Children, is celebrated every year on June 1st. This special day is dedicated to promoting children's rights, welfare, and well-being all over the world. In many countries, The Children's Day is a public holiday. 

As this year's Children's Day approaches, many cities have planned various fun activities and events that are specifically designed for kids. Many restaurants and entertainment venues will offer special promotions and gifts during this period, making it an exciting time for both children and their parents. Schools and kindergartens also have a significant role to play in the celebration of this special day. They encourage children to participate fully by reciting poetry, painting and drawing, singing songs, and dancing. 

Moreover, many communities and charitable organizations will come together to offer care and support for kids in need. They'll provide free educational supplies such as stationery and sports equipment to children living within their communities.

In your childhood, How to celebrate the Children's Day?

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