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College Entrance Examination ' Gaokao '

Date:2023-06-07        Clicks:751

 Today is a big day for millions of Chinese high school students who have been preparing for the annual college entrance examination, also known as Gaokao. The exam, which lasts for two days to four days is widely regarded as the most important test in their lives, as it determines their academic and professional future.

  The exams consist of mandatory subjects such as Chinese language, mathematics, and English, with students also required to choose from a range of elective courses based on their interests. These courses include subjects such as music, art, sports, and more. 

  Unlike previous years, this year’s Gaokao places more emphasis on students’ overall performance rather than just their exam results, with assessments including moral and personality evaluations, teachers’ recommendations, and extra-curricular activities. 

  The increased emphasis on students’ overall performance aims to encourage a more holistic approach to developing young talent and promoting life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and creativity. These measures are intended to foster a more well-rounded and supportive educational environment for students.  

  I wish college entrance examination athletes success and success.

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