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Chengdu FISU World University Games

Date:2023-07-29        Clicks:700


  On the evening of the 28th, July, the opening ceremony of the 31st FISU World University Games . China welcomes 6500 athletes from 113 countries and regions with its usual hospitable attitude. In addition, leaders of Indonesia, Mauritania, Burundi, Guyana, Georgia and other countries attended the opening ceremony and visited China. 

  This is the third time that Chinese Mainland has hosted the Summer Universiade since Beijing in 2001 and Shenzhen in 2011. It is the first large-scale international sports comprehensive event held in an open manner in China since the COVID-19, and also the first time that western China has hosted the world Multi-sport event. It can be foreseen that Chengdu will not only leave unforgettable memories for athletes, guests, and global audiences from all over the world, but also write significant new records in the history of the Universiade.

  The Universiade is a grand event of youth, unity, and friendship. Different from other large-scale international sports events, the participants in the Universiade are mainly young people. Although it is High-performance sport in form, its spiritual core focuses more on exchanges between young people from all countries. The atmosphere of confrontation in today's world is too strong. The COVID-19 has objectively caused a sharp decline in the level of international exchanges. The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has exacerbated the world's fragmentation. In this context, the Chengdu Universiade provides a valuable opportunity and platform for college students from different skin colors, countries, languages, and religious beliefs around the world to come together, broaden their horizons, broaden their hearts, and enhance friendship through communication. The future of humanity lies in the hands of young people, who need to create various opportunities to feel the value and power of unity.

China has hosted more and more large-scale international events. Even during the COVID-19, it has successfully hosted the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Asian Games will soon open in Hangzhou. By hosting these international events, China has demonstrated openness, enthusiasm, and friendliness to the world. Today, human society particularly needs to preserve a few areas that are not polluted by geopolitics, and sports is one of them. There, solidarity, friendship and cooperation are the main themes, fully reflecting the practical significance of the Community of Common Destiny.

  China has always been committed to the peace and development of humanity. President Xi Jinping stated in his welcome banquet speech at the opening ceremony on the 28th that we must promote the purpose of the Universiade and respond to global challenges with a united attitude. Large international events such as the Universiade are also opportunities to transcend geopolitical disputes and Cold War thinking. As President Xi pointed out, we should promote solidarity through sports, gather positive energy for the international community, jointly address global challenges such as climate change, food crisis, terrorism, and work together to create a better future.

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